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In dental, sometimes less is more.

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Unlike a traditional dental office, where the focus is on fixing and repairing, tidy is focused on prevention. You will work with some of the best hygienists and dentists that truly care about preventing costly oral health issues in the future.

tidy does this by focusing on a few common dental procedures, and doing them well.

Teeth Cleaning

Your oral wellness routine starts with routine teeth cleanings. Choose from our comprehensive tidy™ up cleanings every 6 months and our freshen’ up quick polish treatments. A healthy smile supports a healthy YOU!


Our professional teeth whitening treatment will brighten your smile two shades or more! Quick, convenient, and affordable teeth whitening can give you a smile makeover.

Clear Aligners

Tidy™ Smiles offers clear aligners and orthodontics for a straighter, healthier smile. Book a stress free consultation to see if you’re a candidate and explore your treatment options.

What happens if you need dental work not performed at tidy?

No problem. tidy is partnered with Bright Direction Dental a network of top general dental practices. The tidy team will schedule your appointment at a Bright Direction Dental location during a time that is convenient for you.

Book an appointment or just come on in.

tidy offers convenient hours and accepts most insurance. Membership options are also available. Our on-site board-certified dental specialists work side by side with our team of top hygienists to guide you and your family in creating a custom oral wellness routine.
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