Clear Aligners

At Tidy Smiles in Palatine, IL, we understand the importance of a confident, beautiful smile. Many people desire straight teeth but worry about the appearance and discomfort of traditional braces. Clear aligners offer an effective, nearly invisible alternative that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners provide several advantages over traditional braces. Our dental care team works with patients to achieve straighter, healthier smiles with clear aligners to improved both oral health and smile confidence.

Improved Aesthetics

Clear aligners significantly enhance your appearance during the treatment process. Unlike metal braces, they remain nearly invisible, allowing you to smile confidently in social and professional settings. At Bright Direction Dental - Tidy Smiles, we prioritize your comfort and aesthetics, ensuring the aligners blend naturally with your teeth.h. 

Enhanced Comfort

Comfort plays a critical role in any orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners, made of smooth plastic, eliminate the risk of sharp metal brackets and wires that might cause irritation. You will experience a comfortable fit, making the treatment more tolerable. The aligners gently shift your teeth into the desired position without causing significant discomfort.

Removable for Easy Cleaning

Maintaining oral hygiene becomes more manageable with clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove the aligners when eating, brushing, or flossing. This feature ensures you maintain optimal oral health throughout the treatment process. At Tidy Smiles, we emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene, and clear aligners provide a convenient solution.

Process of Getting Clear Aligners

Understanding the process of obtaining clear aligners helps you prepare for the journey toward a straighter smile. The procedure involves several steps, each crucial for a successful outcome.

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with an initial consultation with your dentist at Tidy Smiles. Our experienced dentists will evaluate your dental condition and discuss your treatment goals. During this appointment, we will determine if clear aligners suit your needs and outline the expected results.  

Customized Treatment Plan

 Once you decide to proceed, we will create a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific dental needs. Our team uses advanced 3D imaging technology to design a series of aligners that will gradually move your teeth into the desired position. The plan includes the estimated duration and the number of aligners required for the entire treatment.  

Fitting and Regular Check-ups

After creating your personalized aligners, we will fit the first set to ensure comfort and effectiveness. You will need to wear each set of aligners for one or two weeks before transitioning to the next set. Regular check-ups at our dentist office in Palatine allow us to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. We remain dedicated to providing support throughout your treatment.  

Why Choose Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners offer several advantages when compared to traditional braces. There are key differences that make clear aligners a preferred choice for many patients, including adults.  


Clear aligners stand out for their nearly invisible appearance. Traditional braces, with their metal brackets and wires, remain noticeable and can affect your confidence. Clear aligners provide a discreet option, allowing you to maintain a natural smile throughout the treatment.  

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene becomes simpler with clear aligners. Traditional braces pose challenges, as food particles often get trapped in the brackets and wires, increasing the risk of plaque buildup and cavities. You can remove clear aligners to brush and floss effectively, ensuring better oral health during treatment.  

Duration of Treatment

Clear aligners often result in a shorter treatment duration compared to traditional braces. The aligners apply consistent, gentle pressure, promoting faster movement of teeth. Additionally, the customized treatment plan ensures efficient progress. Our team strives to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time.  

Angel Aligner Select Unlimited

Select Unlimited is a series of custom-made removable clear orthodontic aligners that gently move the patient's teeth into the proper position over time.

MasterControl S (MCS) is a multi-layered polymer material with gentle but long-lasting orthodontic force for more efficient tooth movement. MCS exhibits enhanced tear & stain resistance, mechanical stability and patient preferred clarity.

Select Unlimited has several treatment options available for different clinical situations.

Benefits of Angel Aligner

  • 20+ years of Innovation & Research
  • 1 million Smiles Treated
  • 70% of cases treated are complex
  • 9/10 case score designs by US Orthos
  • iOS Flexibility

What is angelButton?

The angelButton is an ancillary feature manufactured directly into Angel Aligners.

angelButtons provide an additional anchorage point to support the use of elastics in Angel Aligner treatment. These buttons can be added and/or adjusted anywhere on the arch and are designed with high structural integrity to facilitate efficient tooth movement via elastics.

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Clear aligners offer an effective, discreet, and comfortable solution for straightening teeth. At Tidy Smiles in Palatine, IL, we provide personalized care and advanced treatment options to help you achieve the smile you desire. Clear aligners enhance aesthetics, improve comfort, and simplify oral hygiene, making them an excellent choice for modern orthodontic treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and embark on your journey to a more confident smile.