Emergency Dentistry

Call the Tidy Smiles dental care team in Palatine, IL, at 224-268-1797 if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are one of the dental services we offer at our Palatine dentist office.

A damaged tooth or injured tongue can cause panic in any parent, but quick thinking and keeping calm will help you and your family to handle common dental emergencies. With swift care, you and your dentist can prevent unnecessary damage and avoid the need for costly restorations.

We recommend quickly performing at-home care, including applying cold compresses or ice packs in order to reduce swelling, and promptly contacting our office to request an urgent appointment.

Emergency Dentistry Services in Palatine, IL

As soon as you experience any dental emergency, contact our office.

We will provide the most helpful treatment to address your dental problem.

Some dental emergencies that we can care for in our office include:


Sometimes, rinsing your mouth to clear debris can relieve a toothache. There are times when a piece of debris lodged between teeth can cause or aggravate a toothache, and flossing may help. Avoid placing an aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, as the dissolved pill could potentially harm your gums.


If your tooth has been knocked out completely, try placing it back in the socket until you can see a dentist. Rinse any blood from your mouth, as well as any debris. Next, apply a cold compress to your face near the injury in order to help reduce swelling. If you cannot put the tooth back in its socket, hold it by the crown – not the root, and place it in a container of saliva. Keep it in the container until you arrive at the emergency room or dentist’s office.


If you have broken a tooth, it is best to rinse it with warm water and apply a cold pack or compress to the face. Ibuprofen can also help with swelling. A dentist can repair a minor tooth fracture if the pulp is not severely damaged.

Should a child’s baby tooth be loosened by an injury or an emerging permanent tooth, have the child bite an apple or similar food. This can sometimes help the tooth to easily separate from the gum.


Call 224-268-1797 if you have a dental emergency.